Welcome to ModelIgnition.com

Thank you for your interest and visiting my miniature ingnition systems webpage. I have been making solid state 'buzzboard' systems for over 5 years, and miniature coils for over 3. The items shown on the website are geared towards the model engine builders, but I can build or modify my systems to fit other needs such as electronic 'buzzcoils' for antique autos and motorcycles.

There has been a change in the hobby, and now I am seeing more model engine 'buyers' than model engine 'builders'. The difference between the two is great and it poses challenges for those who supply materials, parts, or systems to the end user. Model engine 'builders' literally know their engines inside and out, and are familiar with the functions of points, coils, and timing. Model engine 'buyers' usually aquire an engine 'completed' and have none of the hands on knowledge of the engine or it's workings. This lack of knowledge leads the 'buyers' to expectations that are at times unrealistic, model engines (and old full-size engines) can be tricky to run.

All of this has lead to a change in the way I conduct my business. There will no longer be Paypal Buy buttons on my website, if you want components contact me via the email on the 'contact info' page. Sorry about the inconvenience but this is the way it has to be if I'm going to keep my sanity.

Miniature Coils Are Available in Limited Quantities!
Production and testing of the ModelIgnition.com inductance coils has been successful! Several coils are in use and the feedback is good. Each coil is hand wound with the attention to detail model engineers expect from their components, taking about 8 hours each to make. Click on the 'Coil' link in the sidebar for more information.

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