Model and Miniature Internal Combustion Ignition Systems Buzzcoil
This new buzzcoil offering provides an ideal solution for model hit & miss engines. Buzzcoil ignitions provide a "shower of sparks" and have proven ideal for low rpm hit & miss model engines where fuel mixtures are often inconsistent. Our new buzzcoil board uses an electronic buzzcoil instead of the old style mechanical version found in a Model T Buzzcoil. Since an electronic buzzcoil requires far less electrical current than an old mechanical version, battery performance is excellent. With our buzzcoil board and a coil, the battery consumption is so low that an engine can even be run from a standard square 9 volt battery. Don't believe it? Check out the videos under the 'Video' tab in the sidebar. There you can watch a 9 volt battery run my RMC Type 'B' motor.

The main advantage of the electronic buzzcoil, however, is the ability to build a smaller installation package than is possible with a mechanical buzzcoil. For larger models this may not be an issue, but for those with small scale models the small form factor of the electronic buzzcoil will be quite helpful in creating a scale display model. In fact the buzzcoil board, coil, and a standard 9 volt battery can fit in to an interior space of 2"x3"x3", making it one of the smallest electronic buzzcoil packages available.

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