Miniature Components, Full Sized Power!
This is a custom built coil for a gentleman in Oregon. It is based on a drawing from an original Elgin Hafa-Hors coil. I have no idea if it is completely to scale as the dimensions are based on the artists drawing and some measurements provided by the owner of the original engine. I could not find an original Elgin coil #11 to make patterns from. The diameter of the coil is 2-3/8" and it is 4-1/2" long. Inside of the coil is a standard Modeignition buzzboard and coil, that have been modified to run when power is applied to the posts. The timing led was requested by the client and I have posted before and after pictures showing it with and without the led. The vibrator spring does work and the 'tuning knob' functions just as it would on a regular buzzcoil, but the parts do not contribute to the spark in any way, they are there to complete the look of the original.

Update: These units are under revision to improve performance. Due to the nature of these engines a larger coil may be needed. Having worked on a couple of them in the shop to get them running, I am working on a new coil pack for this manufacture of engine.

The Videos of coil tests and the finished coil can be found under the 'Videos' tab on the sidebar. To see more pictures click HERE