Ignition Coil - Model and Miniature Internal Combustion Ignition Systems
Ignition Coil Production Begins!

The first of the ModelIgnition.com inductive ignition coils was wound on June 21, 2011. The coil was wound by hand as each production ignition coil available on this site is. The coil cores are hand laminated silicon-steel to provide the hottest spark from the smallest coil. This allows me to keep the quality up to my standards and offer the best model ignition components available. I accomplish this by watching as every turn of the wire is laid on the pre-formed bobbin. These are not mass-produced ignition coils from overseas repackaged as model ignition components, but true miniature ignition coils designed for model engineers.

The standard ModelIgnition.com coil is 1.250" long and apprx 0.990" in diameter. It comes with 6" leads color coded for use with our buzzcoil ignition boards (orange is coil+, blue is coil-). The high tension lead is 4" in length. Every coil is tested on my test stand, and a video of the coil during test is sent to the purchaser. If you are picking up your coil in person then I also demonstrate the coils operation at the delivery. This assures you that your coil is performing well when you receive it.

As with any coil, do not operate without some form of spark path available, either plug or air gap. Failure to do so will cause the coil to arc internally and fail. I have had several people do this and it will NOT be warranted.

The Videos of coil tests can be found under the 'Videos' tab on the sidebar.